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Subject: "Lower teeth tightness - 5 weeks post extracti"     Previous Topic | Next Topic
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Feb-19-08, 05:21 PM (CST)
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"Lower teeth tightness - 5 weeks post extracti"
   Has anyone experienced this? on the RHS lower my teeth from the choppers up to the molar feel cramped and i cannot chew properly on this side.

I did have a dry socket/infection on the RHS and was informed that referred pain down the bone is probably causing the pain I am experiencing. I went to another oral surgeon for a second opinion as I have been in pain for 5 weeks - he administered some tests on the nerve, and said they appeared to be fine and the infection was probably the cause of the tightness etc.

Whilst I am hopeful that this pain will go with time, I have lost about 8 kgs, and feel generally crap. I love to exercise yet am precluded because it hurts to engage in any strenous activity. Has anyone undertaken yoga, or could give me some pointers to maintain energy levels throughout the day. I work in Sales which doesn't help on the stress, but would love to hear from people who have experienced similar symptoms and how they've dealt with them

Thank you in advance


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